Four Walls

Four Walls is the name of a wonderful home and garden hunt. Let me show you what I found!

Scarlet Creative has a modular shelf out as a hunt gift. The fun thing about it is that it actualy comes in different modules, so you can put together your own shelf combo! If you don’t feel adventurous, she also put in 2 suggestions for you ūüėČ
The scene is lighted by one of the 3 arctic animal lamps from Vespertine.
Four Walls
Shelves: My modular shelf – Scarlet creative [Four Walls hunt gift]
Lamp: Arctic wall lamp РVespertine [Four Walls hunt gift]
Plant: Sakura plant – Aria
Fishbowl: Kintoto lovers – MiuMin

The house used as a background is the hunt gift from Organica. It’s a spatious 2-story house with lots of woods, stone and lots and lots of blinds!
Four Walls2
House: Lore’s den – Organica¬†[Four Walls hunt gift]

For my cozy entrance hall, I mixed the wall decor from Pilot with the cabinet from Floorplan and the coatrack from Pestique. Mudhoney’s colorchanging ottaman does not only bring some color into the picture, it’s also a perfect place to put my cupcakestand from Sway’s.
Four Walls3
Picture: Miller positive words A to C РPilot [Four Walls hunt gift]
Cabinet: Valena РFloorplan [Four Walls hunt gift]
Coatrack: Hallway hatstand РPestique [Four Walls hunt gift]
Pouf: Meredith ottoman РMudhoney [Four Walls hunt gift]
Cupcakestand: Cakestand with cupcakes – Sway’s¬†[Four Walls hunt gift]

To find out more about the Four Wallshunt, please go to the official blog. There you can also find a preview of every hunt gift and a clue to find every gift.
SLURLs can be found on the designer list page.


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