Love is all around

At the Nest, they know Valentine’s day is coming up. To celebrate all the love, the stores have put out special and transferable items, so you can buy gifts for your loved one. (Or yourself, because you deserve lovings too ;-)) You can find these items in little stalls outside each store.

When you say Valentine’s day, you say pink. So obviously, I had to put together a pink setting.
Love is all around
Screen: Flambe modesty panel – Post [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Poster: Slow down & cuddle – Starstruck
Vase: Pink tulips – Elate!
Lamp: Flambe luminaire – Post [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Chair: Conversation heart stool – Floorplan. [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Build: Seattle loft – Scarlet creative
Love is all around3

The second setting is a tad more neutral, but I still added a few small dashes of powdery pink.
Love is all around2
Lights: Retro tone boxlights – Circa
Rug: Grafik Rug – Mudhoney [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Frames: Love frame – Scarlet creative [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Pink frame: Framed Valentine print – Funky junk [yesterday’s 50L friday item]
Vase ‘n stuff: Valentine branches – Mudhoney [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Pillow: Decorative love pillow – Lame [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Tray: [Yuka] Zen garden – Sway’s
Lamp: J’aime la Eiffel – Elate! [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Console: Calla – Scarlet creative
Build: Seattle loft – Scarlet creative

SLURLs can be found on the designer list page.


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