Morning wood, Tudor style

The challenge! Sounds challenging right?
In the challenge, a new monthly event, designers are encouraged to think outside of their regular box and create something around the monthly theme. For the first round, the theme is Tudor. It’s not my regular style, so it was pretty challenging to put together a set. So I made three 😉
All items for the challenge are out in the participating stores tomorrow (Feb. 28) so scoot over there fast!
2013.02.27 Morning wood, Tudor style
Bed:Morning wood – L&K prefabs [The challenge – Tudor]
Curtainthingy: The easy life – Second spaces
Wall texture: Paneled wall – 5th & Oxford [Not available anymore]
Floor texture: Seamless wooden floors – Insight designs
2013.02.27 Morning wood, Tudor style2

Frames: Jumble of antique frames – North west [Not available anymore]
Candelabra: Antique candelabra – North west [Not available anymore]
Small candle: Yuka – Sway’s
Rug: Vita’s rug – Cheeky pea
Chaise: Chaise – EoD [The challenge – Tudor]
Skybox: The tudor room – Bauwerk [The challenge – Tudor]

2013.02.27 Morning wood, Tudor style3

Easel: Easel01- *bbqq*
Stool: Garden stool – Y’s house
Pergola: Rhys – Breno [The challenge – Tudor]


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