Already brushing off the dust

Already brushing off the dust
Rocking chair: Bramley – What next [50 linden friday: 20th September]
My chevron console – Scarlet apple
Pears, tray and cup: Autumn snacks – Pear – Teawood [50 linden friday: 20th September]
Lamp: Anthropologie – Vespertine [50 linden friday: 20th September]
Gramophone: Shanghai – Bbqq [Designers United 5: 15th September – 4th October]
House (curtain included): The retreat – Scarlet creative

Checking in to check you out

Checking in to check you out
Chair: Cupped chair – Zigana
Autumn collage – What next
Eure drafting stool – Second spaces
Book: Charlotte – Lisp
Potted plant: The easy life – Second spaces
Clock: This wall – Ilo
Bed: Stepside bed – Consignment [The garden: 15 August – 10 September]
Crate: White postal crate – Lisp
Books: Row of books – What next
Fabric birds – Vespertine
Vintage dress form – Lark
Veggie still lives – Noble
Slippers: Urchin pippies – Lisp
House: December – Zigana