It’s the sweetest in the middle

It's the sweetest in the middle
Supernova vases – Second spaces [Collabor88: 8th February – 6th March]
Rose vase – Atelier Visconti [Timeless Romance Gacha: 8th February – …]
Newspaper prop (coffee included) – The loft
Desktop calender: Bird nerd – Lark
Typewriter – Floorplan
Orbit decor – Mudhoney [Collabor88: 8th February – 6th March]
Night sky frame – Floorplan [Collabor88: 8th February – 6th March]
Jerry desk – Mudhoney
Mattick chair: Pilot feat.
Suitcase drawers – What next
Birdcage bookends – Floorplan
Compact – Tres blah
Build: Emil pavilion house – Llorisen [The mens department: 5th February – 4th March]


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