We can live without ’em

We can live without 'em (1)

We can live without 'em (2)
Vase – Cleo design [The challenge May]
Orchids – Kalopsia
Sofa: Rosalind – Aria
Tea jug – Cleo design [The challenge May]
Tray with candles and cake: Amal – Sway’s [The challenge May]
Coffee table: Rosalind – Aria
Long neck swan: Rosalind – Aria
The three lamps [tinted] – Kuro [The challenge May]
Marakesh cushions – Shabby Tabby [The challenge May]
Magazine: Amal – Sway’s [The challenge May]
Floor cushion: Shin – Sway’s [The challenge May]
Jugs: Earhtenware – Cleo design [The challenge May]
Mirror: Rosalind – Aria
Skybox: Nicholaston – Theosophy


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