Nothing to see here

Oh…. hai! I did not forget about this blog, I just hadn’t gotten around to blogging some decor sets. And I totally wasn’t aware I hadn’t blogged since May here. Time sure flies when you’re having fun (elsewhere) eh?

But anyhoodles! Decor stuff is what we are here for, right? Before the new year started, I decided to clean out my ‘furniture to sort’ folder. In there I found some gems that I threw together in this post. This Faith’s bed and Blossom’s lamp (both from Kalopsia) just created a vibe that I absolutely love! Along with some pink bedding, I knew I had to build a little set around them. By throwing in What next’s space heater for today’s 50L friday, I added some much needed warmth.

So uh, here are pictures.

Nothing to see here (3)

Nothing to see here (2)

Nothing to see here (1)

mesh divider – kuro
mirror: vanity – tres blah
christmas tree fores – the loft
music box – floorplan
faith’s side table – kalopsia
throw rug / birds – floorplan

blossom’s lamp – kalopsia
parisi drapes – sayo
faith’s bed – kalopsia
bench: diem’s room set – the loft (slightly modded)
lainey tray – the loft + aria
champagne glasses (part of the champagne bublissiomo collection) – keke
rosalind long neck swan – aria

judy art – mudhoney
faith’s stand – kalopsia
faith’s books pile – kalopsia
glam vintage blossoms – sayo
stacked magazine (hodgepodge) – tres blah
vintage space heater – what next [50L friday: today = 5 January]
hedwig apartment skybox – llorisen


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