You’ll wish that summer could always be here

You'll wish that summer could always be here
Artist easel – Follow us [Home and garden expo, sim 4: 16 September – 28 September]
Artist stool – Follow us [Home and garden expo, sim 4: 16 September – 28 September]
Artist table – Follow us [Home and garden expo, sim 4: 16 September – 28 September]
Wait bench – Art dummy
Ashlyn sewing room embroidery set – Second spaces
Pears on a go – Teawood
Donut milk – Theosophy
Spring living radio – Tres blah
Hanging baskets – Heart [Home and garden expo, sim 2: 16 September – 28 September]
Brick garden walls – Funky junk [Home and garden expo, sim 8: 16 September – 28 September]
Turnip’s skydome
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At the end of the month, we go deep, very deep… underwater!
You don’t actualy have to get your toes wet to get that underwater feel in your home, just check out these releases!
Bathroom: Bathing underwater – Cleo [For the challenge]
House: Lemondrop cottage – Funky junk
Cabinet: Submarine console – Follow us! [For the challenge]
Wall and floor textures: Scrap wood washed watercolours – Insight designs [For the challenge]
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Spring is coming

In just two days, spring will officialy start. But in SL, spring started a bit sooner with all the lovely pastel releases at the Arcade and Collabor88. Needless to say that I’m broke now.
Spring is coming6
Sidetable: Vintage nightstand – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Phone: Antique telephone – Floorplan [March’s Arcade]
Teacup – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Bench: Wait – Art dummy
Tray with flowers: Lilac tray – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Pillows: Tiffany extra pillows – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming6
Shelf: Sway’s picket shelf – Floorplan
Clock: Charlotte clock – Lisp  [March’s Collabor88]
Banner: Spring bunting – Scarlet apple  [March’s Collabor88]
Chair: The anywhere lawn chair – What next [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Prairie lamp – Scarlet apple  [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming
House: My getaway – Funky junk
Chair & guitar: Lawnchair: Sway’s
Tree: Sugar maple – Botanical
Spring is coming4
Sidetable: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Bear: Cookie bear – Sway’s [March’s Arcade]
Wall art: Miller positive words – Pilot
Candelabra – Interior addiction
Candy cake pops set – Tee*fy [March’s Arcade]
Cupcakes – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Spring is coming5
Yep, the pictures just keep coming!
Spring is coming2
Table with multi-colored chairs: Aden – Floorplan
Tray of macarons – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Cake – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Hot chocolate tray: Calida – Mudhoney
Book: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming3
Wall art: Love frame – Scarlet creative
Sidetables: My wood small side table – Scarlet apple [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Bookends: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Poof: Lavender hill – Circa
Screen: Yuka folding screen – Sway’s
Sofa: Rue abel loveseat – Cheeky pea
Bears: Cookie bear – Sway’s [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Wood cage lamp – Scarlet apple

SLURLs can be found on the designer list page.

Love is all around

At the Nest, they know Valentine’s day is coming up. To celebrate all the love, the stores have put out special and transferable items, so you can buy gifts for your loved one. (Or yourself, because you deserve lovings too ;-)) You can find these items in little stalls outside each store.

When you say Valentine’s day, you say pink. So obviously, I had to put together a pink setting.
Love is all around
Screen: Flambe modesty panel – Post [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Poster: Slow down & cuddle – Starstruck
Vase: Pink tulips – Elate!
Lamp: Flambe luminaire – Post [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Chair: Conversation heart stool – Floorplan. [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Build: Seattle loft – Scarlet creative
Love is all around3

The second setting is a tad more neutral, but I still added a few small dashes of powdery pink.
Love is all around2
Lights: Retro tone boxlights – Circa
Rug: Grafik Rug – Mudhoney [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Frames: Love frame – Scarlet creative [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Pink frame: Framed Valentine print – Funky junk [yesterday’s 50L friday item]
Vase ‘n stuff: Valentine branches – Mudhoney [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Pillow: Decorative love pillow – Lame [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Tray: [Yuka] Zen garden – Sway’s
Lamp: J’aime la Eiffel – Elate! [Valentine’s day @ the Nest]
Console: Calla – Scarlet creative
Build: Seattle loft – Scarlet creative

SLURLs can be found on the designer list page.

About Christmas and contemplation

Coziness on a budget. That’s what 50L friday has to offer this week.
About Christmas and contemplation
Christmas tree: Plank Xmas trees – Funky junk [Today for 50L friday]
Table, chairs and things: Emily – Second spaces [Today for 50L friday]
About Christmas and contemplation2
Christmas tree: Plank Xmas trees – Funky junk [Today for 50L friday]
Chairs and silence: For winter contemplation – Art dummy [Today for 50L friday]
Cuddly fella: Reindeer – D-lab [Today for 50L friday]