Was I the one who drifted off?

Some day I will learn to write a nice little text along with my blogposts. But not today.

Was I the one who drifted off

Was I the one who drifted off2

Was I the one who drifted off3
on the wall
madeleine wall prints – what next [Collabor88: 8 november – 6 december]
wall decor – soy

my chevron console – scarlet apple
perfume collection – tres blah
savon – tres blah
summer tray with flowers – keke
tooly tools set – flowey

in the console
beebee soaps – flowey
kaz grooming set – flowey
bathroom clutter – keke
lotions – tres blah
bathroom clutter drop – keke
bathroom clutter flow – keke
body butters – apple fall
lotions – apple fall

baxter wire stool – the loft
vases with and without flowers – keke

wrought iron mirror – the loft
madeleine hatboxes – what next [Collabor88: 8 november – 6 december]
madeleine mannequin – what next [Collabor88: 8 november – 6 december]
curtain – domus

greenwich park house – scarlet creative


A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of me sharing my fully decorated home (with still a bit of a Christmas feel to it ♥).
A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (6)

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (2)
Dining area
Table: Long nights dining table – Keke
Chair: Gustavian dining chair – Keke
Candles: Winter star candles – Keke
Metal tree – Keke
Cakes (all) – Keke
Lights: Crystal pendant – Keke

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (1)
My chevron console – Scarlet apple
Bowls, plates, cutlery: Hard to find things – Keke
Paper village – Alouette

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (4)
Christmas area
Christmas cards: Vintage Christmas – Floorplan
Tree: Green douglas fir – Botanical
Gold decorations: Myrrh handmade vitage bulbs – Aria
Glass ornaments – Anc
Tree skirt : Murrh burlap – Aria
Presents: Soiree – Tres blah

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (3)
Ornaments on strings – Keke
Calendar: Winter countdown – Keke
Winter console – Keke
Winter metal boxes – Keke
Winter ornaments in tin and metal box – Keke
Candles: Pilar candles facet – Mudhoney

Frame: The 13th star – Keke
Side table: Charlotte home coffee table – Lisp
Snow jars – Keke
Little Christmas tree – Tarte

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 2) (5)
Laundry area
Ironing board: Laundry room ironing board – What next
Iron: Suzie homemaker – RC cluster
Washing machine – Toiz
Laundry basket: Laundry room basket – What next
Painting: Almost Paris – Kari
Rack: Brixton bakers rack – What next
Plant in a display case: Haven – Art dummy
Pillows: Odyssey – Second spaces
Plants: Nikka small succelent plants – Aria
Stacks of folded laundry: Suzy homemaker – RC cluster
Laundry detergent – Bitter vanilla
Washing powder – DP yumyum

Build: Rakkaus skybox – Scarlet creative

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1)

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (7)

For the first time in quite a while, I actualy decorated a complete house (well skybox, but let’s be excited here anyways okay)! I am really happy with how everything turned out and hope my pictures do it a bit of justice. And yes, I KNOW it has a Christmas tree, but around here it’s okay to keep the tree up until January 6 so there is still some time to post this. Because it’s rather picture heavy, I’m spreading the pictures over two blog posts.

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (6)

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (1)
Seating area
Little trees: Notes to santa – Consignment
Wingback chair – Apple fall
Candle group: Gretchen – Aria
Winter wreath – Second spaces
Coffee table: Neidhart – Digs
Candle box – Floorplan
Centerpiece: Eva – Mudhoney
Lisbeth books & tea – What next
Armchair: My valena – Scarlet creative
Twinkel lights: Twinkle pendel – Keke
Sofa: Luana – Aria

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (2)
Sideboard: Simple sideboard – Floorplan
Telephone: Rotary phone – Floorplan
Candles: Northern lights – Keke
Lamp: Solana – The loft
Cloches with pinecones – Gretchen – Aria
Cushions: Piper – Aria
Row of books – Aria

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (3)
Sleeping area
Chaise: Greenwich – Scarlet creative
Artist desk and plant – Scarlet creative

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (5)
Bed: Slumber – Art dummy
Little white cabinet – Keke
Vase with flower – Keke
Arabella’s books – Kalopsia
Bedside table: Willa – Aria
Picture frame: Aster – Aria
Lamp: Meredith – Mudhoney
Frames: The brass diamonds – The loft

A million little wishes float across the sky (part 1) (4)
Mirror: Wrought iron mirror – The loft
Table: Alicia – Mudhoney
Bottles: Bathroom clutter – Keke
Perfume: Jolie – Tres blah
Tissues: Tooly tools – Flowey
Hanging mirror: Old mirror – Kalopsia
Chair: Leslie garden stool – Mudhoney
Suitcase stack – Floorplan

A turn of the key and the door is pushed open

A turn of the key and the door is pushed open
Working from home sofa – Scarlet creative [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
My chevron scrunchy rug – Scarlet apple
Bacall desk – The loft [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
Bacall bowl of roses – The loft [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
Jacob globe – Lisp [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
Radio – Standby inc [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
Bacall chair – The loft [Collabor88: 8th March – 6th April]
Studio apartment skybox – What next [The garden: 15th March – 10th April]

Already brushing off the dust

Already brushing off the dust
Rocking chair: Bramley – What next [50 linden friday: 20th September]
My chevron console – Scarlet apple
Pears, tray and cup: Autumn snacks – Pear – Teawood [50 linden friday: 20th September]
Lamp: Anthropologie – Vespertine [50 linden friday: 20th September]
Gramophone: Shanghai – Bbqq [Designers United 5: 15th September – 4th October]
House (curtain included): The retreat – Scarlet creative

Spring is coming

In just two days, spring will officialy start. But in SL, spring started a bit sooner with all the lovely pastel releases at the Arcade and Collabor88. Needless to say that I’m broke now.
Spring is coming6
Sidetable: Vintage nightstand – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Phone: Antique telephone – Floorplan [March’s Arcade]
Teacup – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Bench: Wait – Art dummy
Tray with flowers: Lilac tray – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Pillows: Tiffany extra pillows – Pilot [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming6
Shelf: Sway’s picket shelf – Floorplan
Clock: Charlotte clock – Lisp  [March’s Collabor88]
Banner: Spring bunting – Scarlet apple  [March’s Collabor88]
Chair: The anywhere lawn chair – What next [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Prairie lamp – Scarlet apple  [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming
House: My getaway – Funky junk
Chair & guitar: Lawnchair: Sway’s
Tree: Sugar maple – Botanical
Spring is coming4
Sidetable: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Bear: Cookie bear – Sway’s [March’s Arcade]
Wall art: Miller positive words – Pilot
Candelabra – Interior addiction
Candy cake pops set – Tee*fy [March’s Arcade]
Cupcakes – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Spring is coming5
Yep, the pictures just keep coming!
Spring is coming2
Table with multi-colored chairs: Aden – Floorplan
Tray of macarons – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Cake – Tres blah [March’s Arcade]
Hot chocolate tray: Calida – Mudhoney
Book: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Spring is coming3
Wall art: Love frame – Scarlet creative
Sidetables: My wood small side table – Scarlet apple [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Bookends: Charlotte – Lisp [March’s Collabor88]
Poof: Lavender hill – Circa
Screen: Yuka folding screen – Sway’s
Sofa: Rue abel loveseat – Cheeky pea
Bears: Cookie bear – Sway’s [March’s Arcade]
Lamp: Wood cage lamp – Scarlet apple

SLURLs can be found on the designer list page.

Together for Sway

Together for Sway
Chair: Priya – Mudhoney at Together for Sway
Lamps: Hanging bulbs – Scarlet apple at Together for Sway
Shelf: Sway’s picket shelf – Floorplan at Together for Sway
Textures: Paneled wall cream & herringbone floor – 5th & Oxford [Not available anymore]

Together for Sway2
Snowflake mobile – Digs at Together for Sway
Table and things: Retro glam pink phone table – Zinnias at Together for Sway
Texture: H&G hunt wallpaper – Made by moo (old hunt gift)