This blog is all about the things that are usualy in the background. Chairs, pillows, builds, … They get their place in the spotlights here. I’ve been blogging since 2008 with a focus on LOTDs. This is me reaching out and trying something different.

Contact me!
I can be found on several social media, but ofcourse a good ol’ instand message inworld works just as well. I live in Belgium (Europe) so my time is SLT + 9 hrs. Also, please allow me a couple of days to get back to you, specially on weekdays.
You can find me inworld (my IMs go to email), on plurkflickrtumblrfacebook and pinterest.

SLURLs to events are provided, store SLURLs are not. I do have a list of stores with the creator’s name. Their profile should help you along nicely!

Find me also on:
My LOTD blog: Absolutely Asthenia
A bigger home and garden inspiration magazine: Inspiration
The SL blogger support group, where bloggers get together to eat cookies.. I mean support each other: [SL] blogger support

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